ELA Lighting

Our ELA Lighting family began in 1972, funded by low start-up costs and employing only six people. Within a few years, 60 employees called ELA Lighting home and produced a product line specializing in residential interior glass chandeliers and exterior wall lanterns. In 1978, ELA Lighting acquired custom bespoke lighting manufacturer Hollywood Lighting Fixture Company, founded in 1929, who specialized in the restoration of historic luminaires for hospitality and residential projects in the Los Angeles area.

With the addition of Hollywood Lighting Fixture Company to our portfolio, ELA Lighting introduced series of large-scale architectural products as a standard line. To keep up with the demand for large-scale architectural product, ELA Lighting acquired aluminum sand-cast foundry, Fundidora Cal, in 1992. With Fundidora Cal in the ELA Lighting family, ELA Lighing Company developed it’s current identity as a provider of custom and semi-custom lighting products, for both interior and exterior markets.

ELA Lighting

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